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Why use a broker vs a bank?

Something incredibly important that came into effect 1 Jan 2021 was a legislation that passed through government to ensure that mortgage brokers have a legal duty to act in customer’s best interest.

Best interest duty (BID).

We the mortgage brokers review your individual circumstance to ensure you are given the best options available to you on a very complex and sometimes tedious market. If a customer goes to a bank directly, the bank can only act in their own interests and not those of the borrower, as they do not have understanding of the many 100’s of alternatives in our ever growing lending market.

Angela Hersey

Director / Financial Broker

Angela Hersey

Hi, I am Angela Hersey (Ange) and I have worked in the finance industry since 2006.

I started with Westpac then moved to NAB and finally was Branch Manager for Beyond Bank.

The best part of my job was to help people kick some really big goals and achieve their dreams. However, often it was upsetting if the bank would say no. I knew that down the road they might get the deal over the line, but was not allowed to say this due to the other banks being the competition.

Now I play the banks against each other for your benefit. I love making the banks work for you!

This is why I became a mortgage broker to really make a difference and help the people that need our support to make their dreams a reality.

With so many products and services on the market why don’t you leave the work to us and we will find what’s best for you. 😊

Angela Hersey

Eve Hersey


Hi, I am Eve Hersey and I have worked with Finesse since the very beginning.

I am a Trainee with Finesse and I am currently completing my Cert 3 Financial Services.

I am eager to connect with our valued clients, I love to have a laugh and I am confident with customer service and will help you where I can.

Advice and Membership status

We have opened our brand new office in Port Lincoln at 2/50 Liverpool Street Jobomi House and look forward to servicing all of the Eyre Peninsula with all your financial needs. If you live remotely and would like a home visit we can arrange to come to you.

We are members of FBAA and AFCA.